Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Result after 2 Months Vegan

Okay okay... so it's been a month and 19 days :)
It's been Fun, actually, taking pics of the stuff I wanna eat.
I'm not starving myself, infact I'm full most of the time ;D

So here goes :
1. I've lost 2 kilograms / 4 lbs in the first 2 weeks of my Healthy Vegan lifestyle and it's my constant weight so far.
To be reminded of what I eat and don't eat, go here to my Food Journey
Last time when I went into Vegan-Raw diet, I lost only 1 kg/2lbs , it's because I was exercising almost everyday, so I gained muscle mass, but now, I'm not exercising at all !!! so that's why I lose more weight now than before.
I Should really start exercising.

2. I have less blackhead !!
Yeaaayyy right !!

3. I never feel guilty after eating too much of something.
eg. too much ice cream, too much lambchop
all I eat is too much salad, too much apples, too much dragon fruit, too much grapes
all good :)

4. I never have that "off" feeling after eating something fried / greasy.
Even when I over-eat and feel too full, that "ugh I'm too full" feeling doesn't last long.

4. Digestion is good, I sometimes "go" twice a day. ;p
(to the bathroom that is)

5. Some people say that they are more calm and less angry after becoming a Vegan.
I find myself the same :p but I've found some good motivational books and I can seem to relate and understand them better. Will see what happen in the next few months :)

6. Some people also say that they sleep better after becoming a Vegan.
I dunno about that, but since the 6th of May 2009, that's after 37 days of becoming Vegan. I've started sleeping early and waking up early, I was a major insomniac before, coz.... I loved watching TV and oh well I'm afraid of ghosts haeruahrua d'oh right.
Anyhoo, I don't know whether it's because of the food, or it's because I got so excited walking my dogs in the morning or the combination of both.
But it's a good thing, I've been wanting to wake up early since forever. :)

7. I never feel hungry, I eat fruits and veggies as much as I want and still lose weight :) and it's been constant for 1 month n 19 days now.

8. I did a 1 day fasting !! :)
I had dinner the day before around 9 pm and then I start my fasting, no food no water.
at 11 pm, I was kinda thirsty but decided not to drink and went to bed.
So the next morning is fasting day.
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would, I wasn't even thirsty nor hungry.
But I was at home, not working out, not doing anything tiring, so :)
I wanted to do a full day fasting, that is from sunrise till next day's sunrise,
but at 7 pm that day, i was feeling kinda weird,
so I drank a fruit juice and 30 mins later, I ate. :D

9. I can't seem to think of anything else now.
Will add here if I come up with something.

But... But but but but
1. I haven't made beansprouts (out of mung beans) as much as I want to.
(I've only done it twice so far, ohh la laaaaaaa)

2. I haven't ground and added my flax seed with my salad.

3. I haven't eaten more nuts.
I have almonds, pistachio, peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L), Java almond (Canarium indicum)
and beans.
mung beans, red beans, broad beans, etc etc

4. I haven't been juicing everyday, it's more like 3 times a week.

5. The first month, I was "clean", that is no fried food, no white sugar, no white carbs,
But on the first half of the second month,
- I ate french fries last week, around 20 tiny fries
- I had some traditional Indonesian desserts which contains white sugar and rice flour , sago , white flour, etc, but still Vegan though.
- I ate fried tempeh, around 2 table spoons of it and I later found out that they cook it with tiny shrimps, oooaaaaahhhh....
I think that's about it.
Guilty ? Noooooo.......... I honestly enjoyed those food :) But I will not overeat and I'll only eat them when I really really really want to, I'm in control of what I eat.
and... I just found out, *sob sob*
I ate "dadar gulung" it's this rolled thin pancake thingy (or a thicker crepe thingy), filled with shaved coconut meat and palm sugar, but the thing is, one of the ingredients to make the pancake is EGG !!!!! :(
So I ate egg !!! I honestly thought they don't use egg, I've made a western style pancake using whole wheat flour and no eggs !!!
It's not like I'm so anti egg or I'm anti meat, but I've decided to go Vegan and now when I thought that I've been going Vegan for 1 month and 19 days, it turned out that I ate egg.
It's not like they use 1 egg for 1 pancake, it's more like 1 egg for 15 pancakes, but still.
Okay... so I should be more "suspicious" next time I eat something, and Mum, I'm so not asking you with anymore food ingredients !!!
huaaa..... but hey..... I'm still continuing my Vegan Lifestyle for now :)

6. I haven't started exercising regularly.

7. I'll try to eat better and healthier starting today.
that is more Raw Fresh Organic Vegetables and less steamed / sautedd Vegetables :)
oh yeah... and start exercising.

Cravings ??
Of course !!! I get food cravings too !!
I love food !!! all of em !!
If I get food cravings attack, (usually only happens when I'm hungry) I eat my Vegan food and after I have a bowl of fruits or a bowl of salad, the cravings are gone.
It's like going to a restaurant when you're hungry and you feel like ordering everything you see in the menu, but once you're done eating, you don't want anything else anymore.
It's the same :)

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