Monday, May 4, 2009

Tofu Tempeh Lunch

So... the Housekeeper got me this super yummy tofu.
Tofu in the Traditional markets here are freshly made, daily, I think.
the Tempeh also.
yippie ritee !!! Fresh food all the time.
But we've had numerous cases of "naughty" Tofu maker who add Formaldehyde in the Soy/Tofu mixture during the Tofu making process to prolong their "shelf" life.
yes... Formaldehyde... how crazy is that ?
So, Becareful and Find a trustworthy Tofu/Tempeh maker.

Anyway.... back to the super Yummy tofu........
It's really soft and chewy and yummy and I just love it.
So... I simple boil the Tofu with Tempeh, drain the water.
Slightly steam some Vegetables.
Put everything together,
Add Olive oil and Sprinkle some salt.


Looks nice right ???
No ??
oh well... in my house, I'm the only one who can eat my food ;p
besides, It kinda looks like uncooked Foods that are prepared for cooking, ready to be thrown into the Wok.
But it was a lovely lunch for me....
just looking at the pic right now makes me wanna eat some tofu.
what ? Did I just use the word "lovely" ?
seriously ? :p

Bless those people who has the artistic ability to do great Food Photography, they don't even have any Photographic background.
For me....
I'm impatient and I don't like to mess and arrange my food.
I just love to eat.
but I've always loved a beautifully arranged food though. :D

So this is the real thing, after mixing it together,
yummmmmmmmm hearuiaheruia

ps. My dog is snoring right now.

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