Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traditional Vegan desserts rocks and some tips.

So every once in a while,
I have Vegan desserts containing refined sugar and refined flour.
(although I don't currently eat carbs and don't drink sugary beverages)
But I so totally have these desserts rarely.

The most important thing is, I know I'm not supposed to eat refined sugar / refined flour.
But I'm allowed to every once in a while.
Why ? just because I want to :)

I try to always get desserts that are Vegan (of course) and without white sugar when possible.
Although, as they say, sugar is sugar is sugar, palm sugar is a better alternative :)
And Living in Indonesia, There are a lot of Traditional Vegan desserts out there :D using natural ingredients such as pandan leaves, suji leaves, sweet potato, glutinous rice, cassava, yam/taro, palm sugar, coconut milk, bananas, buns with mung bean paste etc etc.
They're not made especially for Vegans, but it's just how the Traditional Indonesian desserts have been made since forever. Lucky me huh ? :)

Some tips :

1. Don't feel guilty, Enjoy those yummy Vegan desserts, but be in Control.
I don't feel guilty eating these desserts because it's a healthier kind of dessert and I truly enjoy that dessert and it makes me happy.

So when you really want something, go ahead and have it,
Just realize that you're eating what you want, what makes you happy and you're not over eating it, Don't stuff your self.
Carefully choose what you eat, know what's in the ingredients.
Be in control of what you eat, Enjoy what you eat, and don't feel guilty afterwards. :)
Seriously, don't overeat and don't eat it everyday.
But if you're making a commitment to entirely avoid sugar because of an illness, then please avoid them entirely.

2. Always know what you eat and search for a healthier alternative
Sometimes even the Traditional Vegan desserts have some twist in the ingredients.
Some may add white refined sugar to use less palm sugar or to have a smoother texture.
Some may add sweet condensed milk for taste
Some may add artificial colorings and flavors
Some may add preservatives
So, try to find out what's in the ingredients !!
Look for the best natural desserts :)
If you love cooking/baking, why not make your own ?
*I'd rather find a trustworthy traditional dessert maker though hohohoho*

3. It's better to dip than blend.
this also goes to fruit juices and desserts.
For example, We use avocado as desserts as well here.
I sometimes slice up avocado, and I sprinkle grated palm sugar or I pour a little bit of honey on it and eat it just like that and it's nice and sweet.
But when you're making Avocado juice, that's avocado blended in a blender, with added sugar and people usually add sweet condensed milk, You really DO need to ADD a lot more sugar for the avocado juice to taste sweet.
If you want to reduce your sugar intake, Compare eating the avocado slices with just approx a table spoon (or less) of sugar/honey and the Avocado juice with 3-4 times as much sugar to make it sweet enough for you to eat.
So, it's better to dip than blend.
oh you get the point :)

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