Sunday, May 31, 2009

Road Trip

So... I went on a Road Trip for 3 days.

Here are some tips :

1. Always bring water.
Buy Mineral water, the ones in big bottles.
I personally try to avoid using and wasting plastic, but on a road trip, even if you bring your own reusable water bottle, you won't be able to refill them up anyway, so I buy mineral water in plastic bottles :(

2. Bring Fruit, or buy them on the way.
I brought 5 apples with me and I always slice them up in the morning and put them in the plastic container , just in case I couldn't find any Vegan meal or if I get hungry on the road.
The sliced up apples last a whole day and more , without going bad actually.

I've seen some people bring their blender on their road trip, I don't know how they manage, cutting the fruits/veggies, cleaning up, the spills, etc etc.....
But If someone's willing to prepare all that on a road trip, I'm in :)

3. I actually brought a knife to peel and slice up the apples.
I didn't have a knife box or whatever, so I used an empty regular mineral water plastic bottle as a knife box ;p

4. Bring Food containers.

What I have is a tightly sealed food container, just in case the food is all watery and soupy, don't want any spill.
and two food containers that have a small open-close lid, so when I got hot food, it can "breathe"
Since I try not to eat rice, i might get hungry on the road, so I keep my foods near.
Or I might not find a vegan food nearby, so I try to get take aways in my food containers.

5. Bring utensils to eat your food.
I always bring the one on the left with me anyway.... I put them in my bag.
I try to avoid using plastic spoons, wooden chopsticks, etc.
Why ? it's a green thing, I just don't want to waste stuff :)

What else ?
6. I bring Ginger candy and Tamarind candy, just in case I get dizzy on the road.

The result of the Road trip ? next

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