Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aloe Vera

So I have Aloe Vera growing all over the house...
they just grow and grow
I guess they just like the super hot weather.

I've read about the wonderful properties of Aloe.
They say it's even good for hair growth, so just rub it on your scalp..
or better.... put the aloe flesh in a blender... then rub it on your scalp.

I sometimes use it on my face as a mask...
sometimes all over my body...
sometimes it itches too on my skin ;p

How to use Aloe ?
well... you peel the skin and don't get the yellow sap
and use as you like.
I've read that Aloe has a lot of active enzyme, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids.
It's just phenomenal.
There are books about how to use Aloe...
yess... you can rub it on sunburnt skin.

But.... How do you eat Aloe ?
Juicing it is yucky... I can never gulp down slimy Aloe ;p
Some people cut Aloe up to cube size and boil them to eliminate the slime
and then they add sugar water + pandan leaves
So it's like a sweet soupy dessert to be eaten hot or cold.
Which is what my housekeeper made today............

I took only the sweet sugary aromatic "soup"
oh allright, the sugar water....
and added fresh raw Alove vera sliced to cubes.
And I ate it like that.....

And as a matter of fact........
it's totally edible.
Yes you can still feel the slimy slime of Aloe when you chew.
But it's just acceptable, just chew quickly and swallow and don't eat too much of it at one time. ;p
So... it's a good way to eat Aloe Vera raw and fresh and benefit from all the amazing properties.

Which comes to my Recipe.
Wat ??? she's doing Recipe ???
oh okay, it's not an actual Recipe
but when I was eating the raw Aloe + sugar water
I just thought to myself,
Eating Raw Aloe would be nice with sweet Melon juice with some lemon squirts.
or Watermelon or Cantaloupe.
Just chuck the fruits into the blender, and they are naturally sweet so you don't need to add sugar, plus this way you get the fruit fibres as well. Then add the cubed raw Aloe Vera.
Serve cold
Yummmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!! :)

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