Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Always chew your food !!

This is what I ate today

It's steamed carrot, sauted broccoli and raw long beans plus Deep fried tempeh coated in batter.

After having those 2 pieces of fried tempeh on my plate and taking a bite.
I didn't want them anymore, I don't know, today I just didn't feel like eating those 2 fried stuff.
and I actually listened to my body.
Good improvements right :)

So........ about chewing.........
We all know we need to chew well, right !!!!!!!
But most of us don't chew enough.
Why ??
Why don't we chew enough ?
1. We're way too hungry, so we eat really fast
2. We're always in a hurry , so we eat really fast
3. We eat over-processed food, so they're soft and don't require much chewing.

We need the enzymes in our Saliva to help digest and breaks down food.
If we don't chew well, the food doesn't get properly "enzymed" ;p
so the whole digestion process is not "well-executed"
thus digestion problems.
Okay so I didn't really explain that in a proper medical manner,
but you get the picture.

So......... in order to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from all the healthy fresh food you eat and be Healthy and Benefit from your diet,
We need to chew 30-40 times......... even better if more.

But who's crazy enough to count to 40 at every bite hey ?

How do you chew that much time, without counting ??
How do you chew well and still enjoy your food ??
Here is what I just realized today,
while eating that food in the picture above. (minus the fried tempeh)
(sauteed brocolli, steamed carrot, and raw long beans)
When I eat, I mix them together so I get bits of everything at every bite.
While I was eating my food, I noticed that I chew way longer than usual.
Why ? because there are pieces of raw fresh long beans at every bite.

Yes.... the raw long beans are tougher and crunchier, so they actually require more chewing.
And as I counted how many times I chewed, I noticed it took me more than 40 chews at every bite. sometimes more than 50. I've lost count after 40 chews.

So It doesn't matter what your diet is like,
It's a very good thing to always mix your food with Fresh RawVegetables ,
it makes you CHEW !!!
plus you get all the live beneficial enzyme from the raw Vegetables !!
It could be anything, cucumber, parsley, lettuce, etc etc whatever is acceptable to you and makes you chew.

If you think it's crazy to chew that many times at every meal.
oh my jaw's gonna get tired, oh it's gonna take a long time to eat, oh I don't like raw food, oh the food's gonna go bland while chewing it, bla bla bla
Here's the Positive points of mixing your food with raw food :
1. It makes you chew, means your healthy food gets digested well and gets absorbed well, meaning Healthy you !!!
2. Raw food has more flavours,
The long beans, oh what ? it's also called string beans ? why thank you :)
So, the string beans didn't lose it's flavours when I was chewing it.
It still has the same flavour from chew 1x till chew 50x.
3. You won't over eat = Your ideal weight
Yes you'll take longer to finish your food. Yes the jaws will sometimes get tired.
But, you don't still have the "false hungry" feeling, because when it takes sometimes to chew and digest the food bla bla bla, your brain will tell you at the right time, that you are not hungry anymore, So you don't over eat, You will only eat just as much as you actually need, and You will have your ideal weight.

So... chew for a Healthy you :)

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