Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't eat too much !!!

Seriously..... Never ever overeat !!!!!!!!!

So... Here's what happened :
this is what I ate yesterday....

It's actually very tasty, not a very good color tho ;p
but the beans are so yummy..........
What's on the bowl :
- beans + carrot + chayote soup (didn't take the soup water)
- blanched morning glory aka kangkung
- sauteed tempe with sweet soy sauce
Yes that seemed healthy and just about right !!!

I also ate some cassava balls.......;p
that is cassava/tapioca grated and shaped into balls
filled with palm sugar
and then steamed
I didn't take a pic because they looked messy, but so chewy and fudgy and yummy
I ate like 10 balls.

and after that I ate some of those Aloe vera cubes plus sugar water, as a dessert.
And I was too full !!!

Then at night,
I had the same thing again...
yes you're not supposed to eat the same stuff for 1 whole day...
u need fresh food !!!!
Anyhoo... I ate the same thing again, plus the cassava balls, at 10 pm
yes 10 pm !!!
Why would I do that ??

I was sleepy at around 10 pm, but kinda hungry
I should've just eaten fruits
but Nooooo........
greedy me wanted more than just fruit.....

So......... after the same food... although with less quantity,
I was left feeling way too full....
I secretly think the cassava expanded in my tummy.

So I had a bulging tummy ;p
I couldn't lie down, because I'd feel all the food wanting to come back up my throat.
ewww right ;p
It was kinda difficult to breath.
I was so sleepy, but I couldn't sleep coz I couldn't lie down
It was torture !!!!!!
Silly meeeeeeeeeee..................

I was kinda gassy....
and I passed gas, and it was stinky.....
I also burped ;(
I'm sorry for all the details !!
But this would remind me never to overeat the next time.
I should always be in control on how much stuff I eat,
I should listen to my body and stop eating.

Then after a few hours....
Yes it was like 2 hours after.
*after 2 trips to the toilet ;p)
I could lie down, but then I wasn't sleepy at all !!
So I ended up reading some books and watching some TV to get sleepy again.

So here's the Negative parts :
- Not only did I "suffer"
- I messed up my sleep pattern which messed up my whole system.
(Chaos inside - balance/homeostatis is disturbed)
- Overeating also means the digestive system is working harder, the enzymes are trying to break down stuff, or something like that.
And some of the food doesn't even get digested and absorbed and the food got turned into poison, thus the smelly pass gass and burping.

There's no point in being a so-called-Healthy Vegan if I'm still overeating and messing up the balance in my body, right ?
But on the next meal / next day, this is when I usually fall back into the trap
"Oh I'm feeling good today, I can finish all that stuff in one go"
"I so wanna have another piece of that, maybe 3 pieces"
and I forgot how miserable and tortured I felt when I overate,
and before I know it, I'd overate once again, and I'd experienced the same (or worse) rituals of torturing myself and messing with my health.
So, I promise myself to always eat well, listen to my body and Be in control !!

Fortunately, The next morning, I woke up feeling fine,
I went to the toilet and afterwards, felt "Clean"
My tummy was back to flat ;p yeay
But that doesn't mean I'm free to overeat whenever I please.
I don't think I ever wanna feel "tortured" like that ever again.

In the past,
A few times, during the weekends,
when I was staying up in our family villa up in the mountain.
I ate way tooo muchhhhh................
So...... when everybody was asleep..... I had to sit up on my bed with a bucket next to me.
Yes.... I was too full I wanted to throw up, but couldn't and didn't want to.
Sometimes I did throw up and it's the worst feeling in the world.
Your stomach just "pumps" all the food out your throat and you have no control whatsoever.
then after throwing up the first time, just right after you take a breath, it repeats all over again.
Eeewwwwwwwwwww......... yuckkkkkkkkkk...........
no moreeeeeee........ never againnnnnn..........
I'm sowwy for all the details, but this will remind me to never ever repeat the same mistake.

So, guys.... seriously.......
Never ever over eat
Always eat just about enough !!
Some people say "Stop eating just right before you feel full"
Always be in Control of what you eat and How much you eat !!
And always Enjoy your food !!

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amy said...

I should read this everytime I feel like eating more..
apparently our stomach is the size of our fist, which means I've pretty much been stretching it for the past year, three meals a day...it's okay. we'll learn. someday.

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