Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to do a Fast ?

This is my version, right now....
it might change later, but this is what I've gathered from books, the net, etc...
it may not be the best fast, but this is how I do it.

To fast.........
I need to "prepare" myself.
I Eat only "healthy" stuff,
Fresh Vegetables, raw if possible, for 1 day (or more.)
then Only Fruits for another day. (or more)
some people even only drink juice for 1 day.
(some for longer days... it varies and it depends on you.)
Then I fast, for 1 day only.
the first time I fast, (started at 10 pm the night before), I ate at 8 pm on the next day.
the second time, I ate at 5 pm.
I couldn't go on till the next sunrise and I didn't force myself.
I've wanted to fast from sunrise till the next sunrise.
But I never could hohohoho
After I fast.... I drink fresh fruit juice and eat fruits only
and if I get hungry, afterwards, I allow steamed vegetables or salad with olive oil and salt.

I do a total fast (No water - No food)
because I read that it gives a total rest to your digestion system.
But you should listen to your body and never force yourself.
You can do a No food fast and allow water if you want.
You can also do a half-day fast.
There are a lot of version of fasting.
Just listen to your body, it knows which types of fast is best for you.

But don't fast if your goal is to lose weight.... you'll only be doing yourself harm.
Fast if you wanna cleanse your system.
and Do it right !!

If you've never done a fast before.
I don't recommend you doing a fast right away.
You need to detox first
at least I think you need to detox first.
and don't drastically change your diet in 1 day, give it a few days to transition.
although you might experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. which is totally a normal reaction.
It's a sign that your body is cleansing.
I didn't experience those things when I did my detox.
But my sis did.

How to detox ?
it's next :)

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