Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to make a really crunchy batter

I try not to eat fried stuff and hopefully I don't eat anymore fried stuff anymore...
*strong will power on*

But.... I might as well............ ;p
I've tried to try to make batter to fry stuff, but they don't turn out really crispy....
So......... this time it works !!!!!!
It's really simple !!!!

I know some people :
- use breadcrumbs or tempura crumb thingy *i'm so clueless haha*
- add beer to the batter
- add baking soda/powder
- add egg
and still have a crispy crunch result.

I've tried adding egg and/or baking soda/powder, but it didn't turn out crispy.
I've tried smoothing out the clumps when then flour's mixed with water.... nada

this is what works for me.....

How to make a crunchy batter
get some flour.... put into a bowl
(you can add salt if you want, but I always sprinkle some salt when it's done/fried anyway, so it's not necessary at this point)
add just enough water so it's not too thick nor not too runny
don't care about clumps... don't mix it too smoothly....
and it's done.... you can dump stuff on the batter and start frying
or just fry the thing as it is........

again... fried food is bad for you
but I now know how to make a crunch batter ;p

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