Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lunch again

So... after that supper with fried flour... crunchy yum yum....

This is what I'm eating right now....
lunch is :
chayote + carrot + cauli flower
and bean curd sheet + winter melon soup
drizzled with olive oil
sprinkled with freshly ground pepper and sea salt

although I still crave for fried stuff right now....
mmm... yup... still craving it....
but this is quite a good lunch ;)

breakfast was
a small plate full of watermelon
a glass of fresh fruit juice of carrot + beet + pear
and I didn't get hungry until now , lunch at 12:52 pm
*gnom gnom gnom*

yes... dat picture is also dinner....
sometimes I eat the same thing for the whole day...
oh well ;D

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