Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pepper Grinder 101

This is my pepper grinder
and I fill it with black pepper.

So I've never really cared about freshly ground pepper and those readily ground pepper powder sold in supermarkets.
But freshly ground pepper is way better, obviously. It's freshly ground, so the aroma is released once it's ground.
Although I can't really tell the difference ;p hoahaha

It's said that the best pepper grinder is the one with the ceramic blade.
But it's costly.
Mine is made out of glass (the transparent one) and plastic (blue top)
and the grinder inside... I'm clueless... plastic ? stainless ?
It's a cheap one I got at a nearby supermarket.
It's very handy and in a good quality to be honest.
and you can twist the top to set the grind quality of the pepper , fine to coarse.
I didn't know that was possible ;p
But I set mine to the finest grind.

It's also better to grind the pepper before you put food on your plate.
Well... at least I think it's better ;)
this way, when the food's hot, you don't get the pepper grinder all wet and misty from the heat.
But... when you're seasoning while cooking...
well.... you're gonna use the pepper grinder over heat anyway..
So, forget what I said....
But I don't cook anyway... so my trick still works...
Grind the pepper on your empty plate first, then add the hot food ;p

Wat ??
It's also called a Pepper Mill
oh okayy...

After using the Pepper grinder for some time...
I noticed that there are some broken pieces in the pepper grinder container (inside the glass)
And the core or the inside of the black pepper is actually white !!
Is it really like that ?
Can you see in the photo below ?

Black pepper has a white core ?

or is it a conspiracy theory of a white pepper dipped in black color ?
So I have been watching too many movies.
But seriously....
Black pepper has a white core ?

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